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Some things that may be amusing...

It was my intention to fill this page with some tips etc. from my hobbies/obsessions.

Since web design is not one of those, this page could be more exciting.  And, and - right now I have limited time for hobbies - even for obsessions.

However, one of these days this page will contain loads of blues poetry & guitar, cats, fishing, motorcycles, gym training on various continents - and of course experiences from my environmentally sound living - chopping wood and installing solar heating.

There may even be some jokes here - warning!

For the moment, check the links in the highlight box  over there >

More will probably come soon...

And, a bit of poetry/song text for free:

Nairobi May Not Be the Ideal Place For the NaÔve

So you bumped through all the potholes / from the airport into town

And a lowlife snatched your necklace /while you were in traffic jam

You were stuck for thirty minutes / could not breathe for diesel smoke

I say welcome to Nairobi / where the life just ainít no joke/


Ch: Love it, hate it, I donít care / this place just ainít anywhere

Dig the sun and city life / just donít tease that guy with knife

Grab a Tusker and chill out / this is what itís all about

Donít be scared, enjoy your stay / but donít cross Wayaki way


So you wonder Ďbout the potholes / why they cannot be repaired

Yes we do have tax on petrol / you can smell it in the air

But the bosses have their own tax / and their pockets are so deep

Nothing left to fix the blacktop / so youíd better drive a Jeep /


You go downhill, watch matatus / you go uphill, smell that truck

You go South on James Gichuru / donít go North, you will get stuck

Then again, if you are patient / you can get from A to B

Just relax, put on your Ray-Bans / then good things are there to see /


See the flower salesmen running / spotting all the Mzungu cars

Park your silly 4WD truck/ check out restaurants and bars

Walk around, but not in darkness / talk to people, have some fun

You may even love Nairobi / then you have had too much sun /













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